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Yin Yoga is a form of yoga where the intensity is more on the inside. You stay longer in a pose, between 3-5 minutes. You stretch the deeper tissue of your body; the tendons, ligaments and connective tissue. This has a calming and balancing effect and stimulates the deeper tissue in your body, making it healthier and more flexible. It can be like giving yourself a deep tissue massage : ) Most people experience states of meditation and a coming home to oneself.

Most common yoga styles are fast paced and focus mainly on muscle groups. Yin Yoga brings your focus more to your connective tissue. It is your connective tissue that determines your flexibility and vitality to a large extent. The function of connective tissue is to bind and create a space for every structure in the body, down to the individual cell. Blood vessels, nerves and lymph vessels move through this tissue. With ageing, stress and a hectic lifestyle, a well as through illness and injuries we build up stiffness in this tissue. This blocks our ability to move freely leading to different sorts of pain and stiffness. In Yin Yoga we work on freeing up this tissue and promoting the body’s self healing capacity. We create balance and the ability to move freely thereby reducing or freeing ourselves from pain.

What can you expect?

In a yoga class with Vanessa you practice gentle yin flows, balance poses in a safe way, deep stretches, breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation and a couple of minutes at the end doing utterly nothing (savasana). A class is in between 60-75 minutes. Workshops are 3 hours and Day Retreats 6 hours. Private classes are on demand and custom made.

Your Body

Connecting to your body is one of the biggest benefits of doing yoga. In our busy lives, we sometimes forget to listen to our body. We take it for granted. Until some external or internal trigger, like witnessing an accident or being ill reminds us that we do not inhabit a machine but an actual living and responding organism. Each time you choose to do yoga, you choose to connect with and care for your body. This allows you to be more in touch with yourself and this in turn makes it possible to be more aligned with who you are. 

Know Yourself

A great thing about Yoga is that you can get to know yourself better. Use a yoga class as a laboratory. Imagine staying in a challenging stretch for 5 minutes. What happens in your mind? Do you get impatient, annoyed or competitive? How do you respond when you just can’t get into that balance pose? Do you become a bit angry of discouraged perhaps? And how do you respond when you encounter pain or a physical limit? Do you respect this or push through? Have an open mind, observe, know that in a class it is a safe place to get to know yourself. So when you step of the mat, your knowledge about yourself is enriched. We become more patient with ourself, thus more patient with others. 

Thank you to Vanessa for a wonderful Yin Yoga workshop experience, with the chance to go deeper into postures and enjoy her expert guidance. Huge benefits for flexibility, deep relaxation and grounding. She created a lovely, calm ambiance and thought of everything. Looking forwards to having Vanessa's nourishing mini retreats in Bath on a regular basis. Highly recommended!

Catherine Arnold

Founder of Yoga Vision

Vanessa Koenig

Vanessa is a Yoga Alliance UK and US qualified instructor in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. She teaches classes, workshops and day-retreats.  An event with her gives you vitality, energy and relaxation. She has a no nonsense approach to yoga and believes firmly that everyone will benefit. She has been exploring meditation, yoga and spirituality her whole life. She completed her teacher trainings in Amsterdam with Anat Geiger, Marcel van der Vis and Hellen van der Harten. 

Inspiring people: Bernie Clark, yinyoga.com | Anat Geiger, thefatyogis.com | Paul Grilley

By signing up or attending a class you agree with the: Terms & Conditions (as per January 2017) of Yin Yoga Bath.

YYB = Yin Yoga Bath, client = person taking activities

  • Once dates of activities are chosen, clients can change the date up to seven days in advance free of charge because someone else can still go. After seven days there is no refund possibility, but clients can themselves arrange a replacement.
  • Missing an activity at the cause of illness or another external circumstances (in all fairness) means being able to come at another date if there is space. 
  • The whole of the Central URC premises is a no smoking area.
  • YYB can not be held responsible for any injuries during the activities or claimed to be happened after the activities. Always consult your GP when in doubt about health issues.
  • YYB cannot be held responsible for any items gone missing of or being damaged of clients and third parties before, during and after activities.
  • Clients are themselves responsible to be on time so as to be informed about any health and safety informations at the start of the activities which the teacher will give. 

Yin Yoga Bath is an initiative of Yoga Vision UK.

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