Yin Yoga Workshops - Yoga for Every Body

Yin Yoga workshops to help you enhance your health and wellbeing.

Yoga Teacher

Vanessa Koenig

Vanessa is a Yoga Alliance US and UK certified Yoga instructor. She teaches Vinyasa and Yin Yoga.  After teaching in Amsterdam at six different studios, she is now teaching the lovely people of Bath.

In a 3 hour workshop you will:

  1. Deeply stretch your body and enhance your body's healing abilities.
  2. Experience deep relaxation and a real ‘break’ from your daily life.
  3. Cultivate more space and vitality in your body and mind.


Most common yoga styles are fast paced and focus mainly on muscle groups. Yin Yoga brings your focus more to your connective tissue. It is your connective tissue that determines your flexibility and vitality to a large extent. The function of connective tissue is to bind and create a space for every structure in the body, down to the individual cell. Blood vessels, nerves and lymph vessels move through this tissue. With aging, stress and a hectic lifestyle, a well as through illness and injuries we build up stiffness in this tissue. This blocks our ability to move freely leading to different sorts of pain and stiffness. In Yin Yoga we work on freeing up this tissue and promoting the body’s self healing capacity. We create balance and the ability to move freely thereby reducing or freeing ourselves from pain.

Register your place:

1 workshop


  • unwind & relax
  • attend any date

£ 30 


3 workshops

Save £15

  • go deeper
  • attend any 3 dates

£ 75


 7 workshops

Save £70

  • give yourself a regular mind & body reset
  • attend any 7 dates

£ 140


 After registration you will be able to select the date(s) you wish to attend. Workshop passes are valid for 18 months.

Dates: 9 Jul, 17 Sept, 15 Oct, 12 Nov, 3 Dec.    

Time: 2-5 pm
Location: Bath Central URC, 7 Grove St, BA2 6PJ, Bath 
Parking: Street parking free on Sundays 
Tel: 0753 4396 487 @: yinyogabath@gmail.com

Please feel free to call or email with any questions.

Tell your friends . . .

Is Yin Yoga for you? You would like time out to unwind yourself and have more flexibility. You want to gain more vitality and energy. All levels and experiences welcome.

Though it is a quiet practice, Yin Yoga has many benefits. There is something in it for everyone. Because you stay longer in a pose (2-5 minutes) your capacity to stay still and observe and just be with what is, is cultivated. Over time and with regular practice this makes you a healthier, more flexible and balanced person with greater mental and emotional stamina to guide you through life. 

Who should come to a Yin Yoga Workshop?

Sarah Goodall

Attended a fantastic Yin yoga workshop with Vanessa. She provided very helpful cues and adjustments throughout. I left feeling super-relaxed after the deep stretching and can feel an improvement in my flexibility already. Highly recommended if you do any kind of other sport or just want to increase your mobility/flexibility or calm your mind.

Sue Burt

For me, Vanessa and Yin Yoga mirror each other with their caring, compassionate, kind and loving support. I am grateful to have the pleasure of experiencing their harmonious union.

Catherine Arnold

Thank you to Vanessa for a wonderful Yin Yoga workshop experience, with the chance to go deeper into postures and enjoy her expert guidance. Huge benefits for flexibility, deep relaxation and grounding. She created a lovely, calm ambiance and thought of everything. Looking forwards to having Vanessa's nourishing mini retreats in Bath on a regular basis. Highly recommended!

Kerry Moon

Great Yin Yoga workshop with Vanessa. Lovely practise with a lovely teacher! I shall be going again!

Jacqueline Ovigne

Vanessa’s Yin Yoga workshop was both calming and instructive, leaving us not only more flexible but wiser as we benefited from her extensive Yoga knowledge delivered in a balanced caring manner, tempered with a warm sense of humour.

Ruth O'Shea

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the class. It was a really wonderful experience, both deeply relaxing and invigorating at the same time. I had a big concert last weekend where I was playing a concerto with an orchestra. I used my newly learned yoga skills to relax and focus in the hours before the performance and found that I felt more centered and comfortable than I have in a long time. What a great way to control performance anxiety.

Jenni Simpkin

As a relative newcomer to Yoga, I was delighted to met Vanessa who is quite different from Yoga teachers I have met previously. She has a wonderful warmth and is very grounded. I felt at ease her from the start. She is non judgemental and teaches in a clear calm manner. I started as part of 2 free two class trial but continue. The deep stretching in her Yin Yoga classes has already begun to have a beneficial effect on my overall stiffness. I am looking forward to working with Vanessa in class to restore some suppleness and balance. I'm already quite 'fit' from a cardio viewpoint but have gradually been stiffening up over time. Thank you Vanessa for the opportunity to join your classes.

Amy Pettet

Very relaxing session. Left feeling like I was floating on a cloud. Had a great nights sleep and felt full of energy and more focused the following day. Can't wait to go back.

Julie Goodall

Thank you for making my first Yin Yoga workshop such a rewarding & enriching experience under your thoughtful guidance. I had a better night's sleep afterwards than I've had for months and have been full of energy the day after!